Solstice, who we are and what we are about!!!

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Solstice, who we are and what we are about!!!

Post by Noid on Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:58 pm

Hello everyone and thank you for taking interest in Solstice. Smile

We are a level 8 legion, who aim to take part in all that Aion has to offer. By this I mean literally all there is to do in the game itself whether it be Sieges, Instances, or PVP, and sometimes out of game as well via forums, facebook, ventrilo etc. Razz

Currently we are ranked #8 on the Tiamat server but we are moving up at a steady pace, we have held atleast 1 Ingisson fort for 3 months (one month it was both), also an inner abyss fort for a few days prior to the Divine siege. We are looking for people who are active and want to grow with us. Even after 3 years of play, we can still learn from one another and thats an intergral part of what we are about.

Gear is not a requirement, neither is skill. Though they are preffered, these attributes come with time. And that is something we look forward to helping everyone in Solstice achieve. We just require our members to be active and to have a good attitude. Leave elitism at the door, it is not welcome. None of us came into the game being the best.

We have a 100 seat Ventrilo that we strongly encourage the use of. Communication is key when siegeing or raiding a world boss so we would like all members to be familiar with the program itself and the people they will be communicating with.

We have a few reward systems in place such as a Lottery, Forum raffles, and access to legion warehouse goodies.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you in game,
GL ~Noid


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